Targo Chem Factory

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TARGO CHEM is a chemical industries company, we are specialist in the branch of Inorganic products, and we are located at BORG ELARAB industrial city with our phase one project (production of sodium Meta silicate and its derivatives (S.M.S).

Mission and Vision

As always how we see it in business field, to be unique is the first step of extreme success. TARGO CHEM is unique, we are proud to be the first and only Producer of (SMS) and its derivatives along (MENA) region with a very competitive quality. To be the market leader of special inorganic industries at (MENA) region during the next 3 year depending on delivering the best products and services.
TARGO CHEM is one of ABAZ GROUP Companies; actually we are the industrial branch of the group,With the following Goals:
  • Establishing an integrated industrial compound through our 10 years plan (2020) ( phase 2,3,4 ) according to the international standers to be able to compete inside the international markets.
  • Leading the Egyptian special inorganic  market by  the year ( 2015 ).
  • Leading the ( MENA ) region special inorganic  market by  the year ( 2020 ).
  • Planning, implementation and management of our projects by pure Egyptian experiences and labors with a complete implementation of training programs to create professional workers, and to decrease the annual turnover to not exceed 5%.
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