Chema Trust Company

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One 2012 we started to penetrate the international markets by opening new branch in ALEX Free zone

Our manufacturing facilities play an important role in the future development of the Group.

Our experienced team working hard to build trust-based relation with our dear client, from the start we Defined their trust as our target and by time of dealing with the market and the global leading manufactures we believed that not only trust but also our client’s support and comfort, being credible, creative and cost-effective are the real target to us.And that’s what gave us this remarkable reputation to extend beyond the Egyptian market to include many other countries and made us shorten our way to the top in importing, selling and exporting raw materials.

From the beginning of the foundation, Target for Special Chemicals is determined to be a World-Renowned Egyptian Chemicals supplier especially in:

From the first expansion beyond Middle East in 2004, through the entry into the African market in 2008, to their accelerated growth throughout the past 10 years, much of the growth has been enabled by selective acquisitions in key growth areas around.

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